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Focas Finance

Measure the quality of service and the satisfaction your customers get from each of your outlets

Focas Hospitality

Find out how pleased your customers are with the quality of service and the facilities on offer at your hotels

Focas Transportation

How secure, comfortable and convenient are your vehicles and terminals? Your customers can tell you.

Focas Education

Assess the impact of your instructors and facilities on those most affected by it – students and parents.

Track your performance

FOCAS is a “digital suggestion box” that allows your customers and users to provide real time feedback to you from within your branch or outlet. This information is immediately fed into the system and available to you on your screen.

Real time Real time feedback enables you to react immediately and address mishaps
Performance You can view performance of branches, regions and even individual agents
Team Access It’s a handy score to help assess your teams

Book an appointment

Book a date for a demo

Works for you

FOCAS is built to work for all companies across the service industries

Real time feedback

FOCAS provides instant feedback and results to guide decision making

The right measures

Our customizable metrics elicit the right information for your particular purpose

It’s personal

Our team is on hand to provide dedicated response and guidance at every step

Why We’re Different?

Give your business the boost it needs

Our models for customer service is tailored to suit all front contact services

Our Other Awesome Core Features

Give Your Business The Success It Deserves

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Average response time
First contact resolution
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We are an experience agency company. We have many year work.

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